PUT ON YOUR SHORTS #3Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Vern Urich
It started innocently one late, sleepless night. Tossing and turning while my brain whirled around the seed of an idea. Writing a short scene for my theatre company in North Hollywood, The Group Rep. I got out of bed and started writing the scene in my Final Draft program on my lap top. As I finished the rough draft of this short scene, I thought how fun it would be to get other group members involved. At the next Monday Night meeting, I innocently made an announcement. Im going to present an evening of short scenes. Its called, PUTTING ON YOUR SHORTS. I invited other group members to join me. I wasnt sure if anyone would join in so I sat back down. I always get excited by the prospect of getting people involved in activities. I always have. The more people the more fun. Right? But its also scarey to put your thoughts and ideas in front of a group of people for fear of being shot down, ridiculed or the worst case scenario, no one interested or showing up. But I figured, well, what do I have to lose? At least I would present an original scene that I wrote and directed.

My fears were quickly abated as one by one, other members signed up and joined me for what I proposed was going to be, A fun night of theatre. The first installment of PUT ON YOUR SHORTS was 7 scenes. It was an instant hit. Before the first night was over, I was prompted by other members to schedule another night of SHORTS.

PUT ON YOUR SHORTS, #2 was quickly scheduled and the same result occurred as the first. But this time, bigger and better. 11 shorts scenes, written, directed and performed by members of the GRT.

Last Monday night, July 18th, PUT ON YOUR SHORTS, #3, went on the boards. 14 scenes. 14 directors. 17 writers. 31 performers. It was a huge hit. I even decided to throw a party afterwards. This was just as scarey as announcing the first night of Shorts as I was afraid no one would show up. Once again, my fears were unfounded. Everyone came. Pitched in $5 each and we partied on Pizza and beverages till the wee hours of Monday into Tuesday morning.

Im in the midst of putting together another project. A second evening of monologue nights entitled, MYSTERY MONOLOGUE MONDAY. Whomever wants to be involved brings in a monologue to be put into the mystery box and then we draw a mystery monologue. If you dont like the one you drew, you can put it back in the box for a double jeopardy drawing, where you must perform that monologue. The second evening, MYSTERY MONOLOGUE MONDAY, #2, is slated for August 1st.

There have been other evenings of Monday night projects. Six Word Stories, where performers must tell a story in six and only six words. Weve also had cold reading nights. Staged readings and even complete, full blown productions.

All of these activities and projects are available and free to members of the GRT. Its a great place to perform, create and express yourself in a safe, encouraging environment.

Im currently in rehearsal for my second original play of the season, THE GOOD LIFE. It will be presented on August 23rd and 24th, at 7:30 at the GRT, with Gina Yates, Cal Bartlett and myself. Directed by Richard Assad. Its going to be, I hope, A wonderful and fun night of theatre!

As the founder and name sake of the GRT, Lonny Chapman said, The most important thing is The Work. This is your theatre! Make it yours! Thank you Lonny. And thank you members of the GRT!


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