Next Window Please Building Equity with ReviewersTuesday, August 23, 2011
Sherry Netherland
It is hard for us to resist banking metaphores when writing about our World Premiere production of Doug Haverty’s latest play, Next Window Please, but we won't apologize for the growing interest this play has earned.

This contemporary serio-comic tale is approaching the half way mark in its production run. Based upon his real life experiences as a bank teller in Hollywood, Next Window Please has scored well with the reviewers:

David C. Nichols of the L.A. Times:

“…playwright Doug Haverty deposits several working-woman archetypes into a warm-hearted dramedy steeped in the current economic malaise…much to its credit, starting with actors Stephanie Colet, Gina Yates, Bianca Gisselle, Shelby Kocee and Trisha Hershberger, who are all adept, vivid and appealing as the surviving-from-paycheck-to-paycheck tellers who face termination. Haverty has knack for charged exchanges and zingers…interstitial monologues that underscore each woman’s dilemma, for example, are frequently arresting, perhaps the evening’s best writing… it’s pleasant entertainment, sleekly appointed, certain to bring in the crowds.”

Paula Adamek of the LA Weekly:

“Haverty uses the small Santa Monica branch of a bank as the setting for his examination of the daily routine of these six vivacious, opinionated and financially-strapped working women…Scenes that chart their final workweek are intercut by insightful monologues as each character takes a turn in a spotlight to share personal confessionals with the audience…this device permits their individual stories to sneak into our hearts…heartfelt comedy…a feel-good tale of feminine camaraderie.”

In his L.A. Stage Times blog entry, Doug relates how his experience of working with all women merged with his background of growing up in a household of all boys to create the recognizable characters in his heartwarming drama.

To our delight, the play is picking up speed with word-of-mouth promotion, so I highly recommend placing your reservation as soon as possible by calling our reservation line, 818-700-4878, or ¬¬purchasing tickets via the home page of this website. It plays every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm and Sunday matinee at 2pm (with an additional performance Thursday, August 25 at 8p).


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