By Phil Olson
Directed by Doug Engalla

It's Christmas Eve in Minnesota. A young newspaper reporter, on the brink of being fired, has been assigned a last chance story about a typical family Christmas — his family. He goes home to his recently widowed mother and fortunately (for the newspaper) they are visited by his crazy uncle, eccentric grandmother as well as battling siblings, neurotic spouses and commemorative plates.

There is no shortage of juicy secrets, family squabbles and modern day Dickensian dysfunction. The problem is, the writer neglected to get anyone’s consent before he began chronicling their Christmas. Once they find out what he’s up to, this wild mouse-mas ride turns into a freaky fricassee of familial festivity. Can the merry magic of a Minnesotan Christmas prevail?

Opens November 4

Greg D. Barnett, Patrick Burke, Truett Jean Butler,
Fox Carney, Rebekah Dunn, Belinda Howell,
Marcia Rodd