Witness for the prosecutionWITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION

By Agatha Christie
Directed by Jules Aaron

An earnest, unemployed inventor befriends a wealthy widow and charms her hoping she will underwrite one of his inventions. His plan starts to work until she is brutally murdered and the inventor is accused of her death and put on trial. A celebrated attorney is enlisted to defend the inventor whose alibi rests solely on the testimony of his wife. The attorney believes his client but for some reason does not trust the wife so he elects not to call her as a witness. But at the trial, the prosecution surprises everyone and calls the wife as a “witness for the prosecution,” whereupon a series of surprising plot twists, deceptions and lies-within-lies are uncovered.

Opens January 27


Todd Andrew Ball, Nathalie Cadenas, Roslyn Cohn,
Jack Czenger, Rishi Das, Larry Eisenberg,
Sherry Michaels, Bruce Nehlsen, Lloyd Pedersen,
Michele Schulz, Patrick Skelton, Steve Terrell,
Chris Winfield, Gina Yates
Ron Irwin Review