Thanks to support from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, this multi-media production is streaming for free through Youtube and Facebook.

Any additional donations support our year-round programming and our new streaming platform.

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Thanks to a new grant from the Department of Cultural Affairs, The Group Rep is proud to present HALLWAYS: STORIES FROM JUVIE, a new streaming multi-media project.

This production is based on a book by GRT member, Heidi Mendez. Heidi was a volunteer at a Juvenile Hall Detention Center in Utah for two years. While there, she was moved by the stories of the kids there and asked them to write them down for her.

Their response: “Why? Who will care?” And Heidi told them that she would care and she would get others to care. Just by producing this piece, our entire membership now cares and we hope you will too.

Hallways Cast

Meet the cast of Hallways: Stories from Juvie