Music Across The Boards – October 1st


Music Across The Boards
Produced by Paul Cady & Kyra Schwartz

An evening of music… and more.
There will be classic and funny songs from musical theater,
rock songs, torch songs, and maybe a little jazz.
In addition there will be a little bit of dance and a dash
of stand-up comedy. Something for everyone, across the boards!

Michele Bernath
Paul Cady
Bert Emmett
Lareen Faye
Anna Gion
Hisato Masuyama-Ball
Helen O’Brien
Lloyd Pedersen
Hartley Powers
Kyra Schwartz
J. Christopher Sloan
Suzan Solomon
Debi Tinsley
Kristin Towers-Rowles
Janet Wood

Paul Cady | Keyboards
Evan Calbi | Bass
Michael Dubin | Drums

October 1, 2017

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