Gabriel Gomez

Gabriel Gomez

Gabriel Gomez is a CODA (child of deaf adults), and an American Sign Language interpreter based in Los Angeles. He is honored to serve the deaf community.

Gabriel has been an ASL Interpreter in the greater Los Angeles area for over 10 years. He found a passion for interpreting in the entertainment industry early in his career, and has the unique skills suited to the rigors of interpreting in a variety of productions both on and off camera and/or stage.

In 2021 he worked with Rodney Burford and Netflix’s “Monster” (The Dahmer Series) team on set providing access for the deaf actors, and then in post supporting the ASL team.

In 2022 he was part of the CODA award season team working closely with Daniel Durant, and the CODA team on their journey to the stage at the Academy Awards.

Building on his talent in voicing as an interpreter, Gabe is also an Actor and doing Voice Over work. He most recently narrated Natasha Ofili’s play; The Window, produced at the WACO Theatre and was the voice of Carlos for Not Another Deaf Story here at the GRT.