The Group Rep is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit theatre company

Our Mission

To foster growth of legitimate theatre in the greater Los Angeles area while reaching out to the community, including youth groups, schools and charities.

Our Vision

The Group Rep strives to provide opportunities for professional artists to explore their talents in a supportive and creative atmosphere furthered through company membership, community partnerships, professional development training, and educational offerings. Utilizing the skills of artists dedicated to pursuing their craft, The Group Rep offers the most professional entertainment possible to all diverse audiences throughout Los Angeles County by offering a wide variety of theatrical experiences including classic and contemporary plays, musicals and new works.

The Group Repertory Theatre is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, incorporated in 1978 under the laws of the State of California

Artistic Director

Doug Haverty

Executive Director

Bert Emmett

Artistic Advisory Board

F. Murray Abraham

Ed Asner

Bruce Davison

Salome Jens

Mark Rydell

Lou Antonio

Barbara Bain

Martin Landau

Board Of Directors

Kathleen Delaney, President

Vice Presidents: Cathy Diane Tomlin, Heidi Mendez

Board Members at Large: Denise Downer, Lloyd Pedersen

Alternates: Fox Carney, Brent Beerman

House Staff

Treasury, Bookkeeper

Lloyd Pedersen

New Member Coordinator

Todd Andrew Ball

Host Coordinator

Katelyn Ann Clark

Public Relations

Nora Feldman

Dues Coordinator

Lareen Faye

Participating Actors Coordinators

JC Gafford and Brent Beerman

Participating Actors Mentor

Heidi Mendez Harrison

Maintenance Coordinator

Todd Andrew Ball

Master Carpenter

Chris Winfield


Doug Engalla

New Projects

Alyson York

Ticketing & Reservations

Julie Davis, Cathy Diane Tomlin

Online Marketing

Kristin R Stancato

Artistic Council

Maria Kress

Suzy London

Mareli Mitchel-Shields

Lloyd Pedersen

Patrick Skelton