Mourning Song

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MOURNING SONG PIK by Brent Beerman, directed by Mareli Mitchel-Shields

Musical Epilepsy caused by a stroke uncovers a voice from Bridgette Newsome’s (an Irish orphan) forgotten past.


Brigid – Bonnie Snyder

Marie – Amy Earhart

Mamai – Kathi Chaplar

Ben – Paul Anthony Kelly, Alex Scyocurka

Dr Ritter – Matthew Clair


Producer – Lee Redmond

Irish Advisor – Ramona Reeves

Lighting Design – Robbie Myles

Set Design – Mitchel/Redmond

Sound Design – John Harvey

Technical Operator – John Ledley

Assistant to the Director – Cynthia Bryant

Assistant to the Director – Alex Scyocurka


10900 Burbank Blvd
Los Angeles, California 91601

Phone reservation line: (818) 763-5990

Performance on the Upstairs Stage at The Group Rep. This stage is not wheelchair accessible. Access to this space requires walking up about 30 steps. No elevator available.