Ralphs Community Contributions

When you register your Rewards Card account at www.ralphs.com (and renew yearly after Sept. 1), RALPH’S WILL DONATE $$$ if you designate “The Group Rep” as your “Community Contributions” choice. They will automatically give us a percentage of what you spend and it won’t cost you anything! We get a little money. You feel good. And Ralph’s is happy because they’re helping the community. Everybody wins!


1. Go online to www.ralphs.com and create an account.
2. Enter your Zip Code and Select your local store.
3. Register your Rewards Card number.
4. Click on My Account
5. Select “Community Rewards” and then designate “The Group Rep” (or NBO #82037). (You may have to re-enter your address) Save.
6. Every year, after September 1, re-designate your Community Rewards to “The Group Rep.”
7. Your Ralphs Rewards card is also valid at Food4Less

If you have Rewards Card questions, please call (800) 660-9003

About four weeks after registration, at the bottom of your Ralph’s receipts, you will see Ralph’s donated a percentage of your purchases to “The Group Rep.”