Audiences and critics are loving TWELVE ANGRY JURORS at The Group Rep!

“WOW! Reginald Rose’s Emmy-winning tale of a single dissenting juror’s quest for truth and justice
keeps audiences on the edge of their seats for ninety electrifying minutes in the Group Rep’s pulse-
pounding revival of Twelve Angry Jurors.” – Steven Stanley/stagescenela

“You will be on the edge of your seat! Every actor delivers compelling, believable characters, all
gorgeously full of flaws and on their own unique journeys.”
– Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros/NoHoArtsDistrictcom

“In addition to the excellent dialogue, the diverse cast—which includes women, African Americans, and
immigrants—are a mirror of American society. The heat depicted in the play becomes a pressure cooker,
an uncomfortable environment to test the patience and the concentration needed to decide whether a
person deserves the death penalty or not.” – Joe Mosqueda/

“It is easy for the audience to transform into one of the jurors as you listen to the evidence and their
meticulous reenactment of key details as they rehash them. The acting was superior in their ability to
keep you engaged with their emotional performance.” – Emilie St. John/

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