“The Man Who Came to Dinner Is Rip-Roaring Comedy For The Holidays”
Reviewed by Cary Ginell for Ventura County On Stage



“It’s a HIT and a HOME RUN!!!
“… is fun, fun, funny and a glorious addition to the Christmas theatre … [acting is] amazing
… spectacular. I laughed myself silly … script has quick repartee between characters, especially Sheridan Whiteside with prolonged monosyllabic insults to his hosts and their family, their staff, his staff, and everyone he comes into contact with. It’s hilarious and definitely defines who he is. Bruce Kimmel is an accomplished director, and his direction moves and guides the enormous cast skillfully … cast is wonderful and gives each character definition and joy. Every performer is beautifully cast, and it’s the kind of show you will want to see again and again.”

Reviewed by Cathy Wayne for NoHo Arts District



“[a] holiday gift to Los Angeles audiences, unwinding like a fi nely tuned instrument with cleverly coordinated moving parts … remains entertaining, particularly with its sendup of celebrity worship and its contrast between larger-than-life characters and more down-to-earth, everyday people. Also, the action is replete with amusing intrigues, romance, jealousy and clever one-liners that come fast and furious yet still pack a powerful punch. Director Bruce Kimmel has skillfully established the madcap pace the material calls for. Under his sure hand, the proceedings, far-
fetched though they may be, are hilariously funny … performances are equally superlative. Chris
Winfi eld created the beautifully-appointed set, highlighted by warm, dark colors and an inviting
Christmas tree.”

Reviewed by Iris Mann for Stage Raw



“Golden-era Broadway fans won’t want to miss The Group Rep’s spiffy revival of Kaufman and Hart’s screwball comedy classic … The names being dropped by Sheridan and his coterie (Zasu
Pitts, Katharine Cornell, and Sam Goldwyn among them) may be Greek to anyone too young for Social
Security, but not all that much has changed over the past eight decades in our fascination with
celebrity or the power that fame bestows … Director Bruce Kimmel has the classic mid-20th-century
three-act comedy genre down pat, guaranteeing snappily paced snappy patter from an all-around
terrific cast generating laughs galore … The Man Who Came To Dinner looks terrific on Winfield’s Midwest living room set, knickknacks and holiday decorations supplied by properties designer Young, and the entire cast looks fabulous in costume designer Michael Mullen’s 1930s finery, all of the above expertly lit by Douglas Gabrielle, with sound whiz Shaw completing the design mix … 1930s radio may have gone the way of the dinosaurs, but as reality TV and YouTube make abundantly clear, celebrity worship never goes out of style, nor does The Man Who Came To Dinner, one of The Group Rep’s best.”

Reviewed by Steven Stanley for StageSceneLA.com



“ … refreshing … brilliant satirical farce … The tightly written show has subplots of conniving and romantic frustration, that are punctuated with audacious, character driven action … director Bruce Kimmel keeps the action brisk, and the pace energetic. The show is monumental … a ‘don’t miss’ hit in my book.”
Reviewed by Paul Myrvold for Theatre Notes



“A madcap blend of eccentric characters and situations … lighthearted entertainment perfect for the holiday season. Sparkling cast … director Bruce Kimmel keeps things fl ying right along with non-stop energy and dynamic pacing, zingers flying right and left … luscious period costumes … all too-human situations and comic bits strike a powerful chord with audiences … delicious dialogue and zany situations make this a surefire crowd-pleaser.”
Reviewed by Mary Mallory for The Tolucan



“… audience members were literally jumping out of their seats trying to contain their joy and glee … director (Bruce Kimmel) puts the ‘C’ in comedy with such fl are, passion and abandon that he actually makes the writing stand taller than it normally would. The actors are encouraged to be as physical as possible in stretching and enriching their characters … an awesomely-gifted cast … a time-tested holiday classic.”
Reviewed by Radomir Luza for At The Theatre with Radomir Luza


The Man Who Came to Dinner
By Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman Directed by Bruce Kimmel
December 6, 2019 – January 12, 2020
Fri/Sat at 8pm, Sun at 2pm