IN MY MIND’S EYE is an award-winning, warm, comedy-drama about a young, legally-blind girl who is determined to lead a normal life. Inspired by a true story.

Meet the Cast:
(In Order of Appearance)

Patty (14 year old) — Peyton Kirkner
Calhoon — Lloyd Pedersen
Mrs. Lola Henderson — Maria Kress
Trish — Kait Haire
Hugo — Bobby Slaski
Miss Hester — Clara Rodriguez
Trish Understudy — Torrey Richardson (2/21-23)

As part of our backstage coverage of this show in development, we will introduce you to each cast member.

In My Mind's Eye

Love Story

Award-winning play inspired by true events by Doug Haverty

FEB 7 - MARCH 15, 2020