The Desperate Hours

A gripping thriller by Joseph Hayes. Directed by Jules Aaron.
June 3 to July 10, 2022

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Influenced by actual events back in the 1950s, Joseph Hayes wrote a critically praised debut novel, adapted it into a Tony Award-winning Broadway hit (with Paul Newman) and saw it emerge in 1955 as a high caliber Hollywood movie (starring Frederick March). It tells the story of a trio of escaped bank robbers who take a suburban family and hold them hostage by turning their tranquil, secluded home into a secret hideout from the law.

Father, mother, daughter and son are captive and have their mettle tested as they try to prevail over a terrifying situation. Hayes’ storytelling is gripping and this taut thriller races to a breathtaking conclusion.

Cast features the talents of:

Tom Winston … Bruce Nehlsen
Jesse Bard … Fox Carney
Harry Carson … Katelyn Ann Clark
Eleanor Hilliard … Gina Yates
Dan Hilliard … Lee Grober
Cindy Hilliard … Kat Kemmet
Glenn Griffin … Davino Buzzotta
Hank Griffin … Duke Pierce
Robish … Van Boudreaux
Chuck Wright … Mason Kennerly
Mr. Patterson … Steve Shaw
Lt. Carl Fredricks … Joseph Eastburn
Miss Swift … Lareen Faye
Ralph … Jackson Bethel