The Group Rep is proud to present the second show of their 51st anniversary season.

Twelve Angry Jurors
Engaging personal drama
Adapted by Sherman L. Sergel, based on the Emmy-winning television movie by Reginald Rose.

Following the closing arguments of a murder trial, the twelve members of a jury must deliberate, with a guilty verdict meaning death for the accused, an inner-city teen. As these normal citizens try to reach a decision, one juror casts considerable doubt on the elements of the case. Initially broadcast on television in 1954, this microcosm of society mirrors the conflicts, beliefs and compassion of humanity, and is still amazingly relevant today. The democratic jury system is meant to be impersonal, but it ultimately becomes personal, revealing and passionate, as anger rears its dramatic head.

The Twelve Angry Jurors cast features the talents of:

(by Juror Number)

Juror 1 – Melissa Strauss

Juror 2 – Paul Cady

Juror 3 – Mark Stancato

Juror 4 – Linda Alznauer

Juror 5 – Tamir Yardenne

Juror 6 – Cathy Diane Tomlin; Tilly Ye (Feb. 16-18)

Juror 7 – Richard Reich

Juror 8 – Neil Thompson

Juror 9 – Stan Mazin

Juror 10 – Belinda Howell

Juror 11 – Stephanie Keefer

Juror 12 – Mouchette van Helsdingen

Guard – Jane Bonem

Judge – Bob McCollum

The Team
The production team includes Tom Lazarus (Director, Set Designer), Stevie Stern (Producer), Chris Winfield (Set Construction), Shon Le Blanc (Costume Designer), Frank McKown (Lighting Designer), Steve Shaw (Sound Design) and Kristin Stancato (Stage Manager).

Tickets on sale now here.