Motel 66

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The Group Rep presents MOTEL 66, eight brand new one-act plays set in different cities along Route 66 running September 21 through October 22.

Why Route 66? What relevance does an old highway going from Chicago to Santa Monica bring to light? Route 66 starts in the heart of the country and goes west like the path of the dreamer where you run into all types of people and all kinds of stories as humans take to the highway; sometimes in search of something; sometimes transitioning; sometimes reflecting.

MOTEL 66 shows being presented:

Poolside Therapy by Sal Valletta
Directed by Linda Alznauer
With: Diane Linder, Brad Kahn and Tack Sappington
A Motel 66 guest cleverly shows Al and Sharon Mitchell how to jump start their sagging love life.

One More Night by Gina Yates
Directed by Van Boudreaux
With: Julie Davis, Mark Stancato and Bailey Warner
A traveling cowboy’s plans are disrupted when he encounters a vibrant reminder of his lost love.

Forever Friends by Denise Downer
Directed by Todd Andrew Ball
With: Melissa Lugo and Cierra Lundy
A bubbly Albuquerquian seeks to reconnect with an old college friend, only to discover it takes much more than “likes” on social media to make a friendship last forever.

No Room at the Motel by Bill Fitzhugh
Directed by Larry Eisenberg
With: Sean Babcock, Joe Clabby, JC Gafford and Jessica Kent
A bickering pregnant couple arrives at the motel, revelations occur…


Immaculate Perception by Fox Carney
Directed by Helen O’Brien
With: Sasha Kartman and Lloyd Pedersen
Can a chance encounter between a grieving widower and a pregnant young woman expecting what may or may not be a miraculous child create connection and meaning for both?

Eureka Escorter by Doug Haverty
Directed by Bruce Kimmel
With: Bert Emmett (9/21-9/24) and Lee Grober (9/28-10/22), and Clara Rodriguez
A recently impoverished widower must resort to being an Uber-esque rent-a-gent and his first “drive” is a wild mouse ride.

Saving Garbage by Paul Elliott
Directed by Brent Beerman
With: Cynthia Bryant and Miguel Chavez
A clever motel operator/short order cook finally catches the human “rat” who has been ransacking her garbage and his explanation takes her by surprise.

Quapaw, Oklahoma by Clara Rodriguez
Directed by Leota Rhodes
With: Lareen Faye, Pascale Gigon, Danny Salay and Bonnie Snyder
Quapaw, OK. At first sight it may seem like a nothing town, but there’s some magic in Quapaw, Oklahoma.

The production team includes Brent Beerman (Producer), Helen O’Brien (Managing Director), Mareli Mitchel-Shields (Dramaturg), Nick Foran (Lights & Sound Design), Paul Reid (Stage Manager), John Ledley (Booth Technician), Reginald Johnson (Asst. Stage Manager), Denise Downer (Marketing/Social Media), Kristin Stancato (Webmaster/Online Marketing), Doug Haverty (Graphic Designer), Jackie Hearn (Photography/Social Media), and Bridget Murray (Social Media).

Upstairs Stage at The Group Rep

10900 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

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General Admission: $30
Seniors & Students with ID: $25
Subscribers: $15.00
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