Meet the cast of Motel 66

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“A Different Man” by Lloyd Pedersen
Directed by Larry Eisenberg
With: Fox Carney & Katelyn Ann Clark
A couple spices up their sex life with celebrity role-playing.

“Cleveland and Dallas” by Steve Shaw
Directed by Barbara Brownell
With: Paul Cady & Mark Stancato
Can friendship & music bring a musician back from the brink of despair?

“Midnight Meeting” by Denise Downer
Directed by Linda Alznauer
With: Kelly GoodeMelissa Lugo, Manny Rodriguez, Sal Valetta
A poetry teacher is at a crossroads – staying with the married man she loves or moving on with the ghost she encounters at a motel.

“The Journey” by JC Gafford
Directed by Bruce Kimmel
With: Erika Bowman & Maria Kress
The road trip of two longtime friends takes an odd turn when one of the women reveals the music of her soul.

“Venus Flytrap” by Van Boudreaux
Directed by Heidi Mendez
With: Todd Andrew Ball & Jennifer Whitney
A chance meeting of two lost souls promises adventure along Route 66.

“Last Exit for Lodging” by Bill Fitzhugh
Directed by Melanie Lee
With: Jennifer Karraz, Chris McGahan, Cathy Diane TomlinWilliam Wilson
A customer finds herself in a rat trap motel dealing with a surly manager until the corporate suits step in representing the powers higher up.


“Creative Differences” written and directed by Tom Lazarus
With: Michael Gabiano, James Lemire & Troy Whitaker
Casting changes heat up the “hot set” of the 60s TV show Route 66.

“Somebody Else” by Fox Carney
Directed by Marie Broderick
With: Stephanie ColetJulie Davis, Lisa McGee Mann, Patrick Skelton
An illicit tryst becomes more than one man can handle.

“You Only Live Once” by Craig Holland
Directed by Sascha Vanderslik
WIth: Michele Bernath, Rishi Mehta and Aroon Nayer
A younger brother wants to help his older brother make a bold change in his life, with the help from out of this world.

“Saving Laura” by James J. Cox
Directed by Kathleen Delaney
With: Alex BrownJennifer CollinsDoug Haverty
Two teachers help a young woman find solace in literature as a cataclysmic event fast approaches.

“A Farewell To Palms” by Stan Mazin
Directed by Stevie Stern
With: James J. Cox & Lloyd Pedersen
A rendezvous of two middle-aged gay men as they return to their favorite Route 66 motel.

“Stuck In The Middle With” by Doug Haverty
Directed by Helen O’Brien
With: Raquel Brooks, Truett Jean Butler, Beccy Quinn
Three women from different states meet and become instant friends…until they discover they each have a key to the same motel room.

Set Design
Bert Emmett/Chris Winfield

Lighting Design
Douglas Gabrielle

Sound Design
Steve Shaw

Sound Engineering
Sammy Strittmatter

Costume Design
Angela M. Eads

Social Media/Marketing
Kristin Stancato

Nora Feldman

Box Office
Julie Davis

Cathy Diane Tomlin

Art & Soul Design

Photography & Videography
Doug Engalla

Produced for the Group Rep by Brooklyn Sample & Stevie Stern.

Executive Producer Kathleen Delaney.

MOTEL 66 is presented over two different programs: “Head East” (Thursdays and Saturdays @ 8pm) and “Go West (Fridays and Sundays @ 8pm). For information and reservations, call 818.763.5990, or visit